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Ambassador Programme



Do you love waking up feeling refreshed? Do you enjoy a great workout but also love a good night out? Do you enjoy going on adventures and living a healthy life? Then welcome to the Noki & Co. Lifestyle!

We’re delighted that you love Noki & Co. and want to become part of the Noki & Co. community. We are here to promote a healthy lifestyle full of adventures and doing all the things you love. We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us and fallen in love with the Noki & Co. lifestyle. This is our way to welcome you as part of the team!


What we require from you:

  • Active engagement on Instagram and/or Facebook

  • 3,000 followers or more

  • Follow and tag @Nokidrinks and interact with the brand

  • Between 1-2 Noki & Co. posts, stories, lives or IGTV per week

  • Share your designated discount code to earn credit for your sales

  • A 3-month contract with option to review


What you get:

  • A custom promo code to share with your following

  • 1 free bottle of Juniper Edition & 12 Noki & Co. Alc Free G&T's per month

  • Monthly commission earned from all sales using your promo code


Our favourite types of posts:

  • Posts about how Noki & Co. fits into your healthy lifestyle

  • Posts showing your daily cocktails

  • Videos highlighting how Noki & Co. is  served

  • Custom recipes with Noki & Co. Juniper Edition as the main ingredient



Want to join? Submit your information below or email and we’ll be in contact if it looks like a good match!

Please include your basic contact info, email, follower count, Instagram handle and why your audience would be interested in Noki & Co. The world's best Alcohol Free drinks. #NokiLife Enjoy The Night - Enjoy The Next Day


Thanks! - Team Noki & Co.

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Award-winning botanical spirits

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