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The best Alcohol Free Drinks in the world - Noki & Co. Alcohol Free G&T - Non Alcoholic Gin
  • What exactly is Noki & Co.?
    Noki & Co. is a delicious alcohol free Gin & Tonic flavoured drink - we use a range of carefully selected natural botanicals including juniper (the main ingredient in Gin) to create a refreshing drink that tastes like a great G&T just without the alcohol!
  • Why an Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drink?
    We are glad you asked :) More and more people are choosing not to drink alcohol or cut back on their alcohol intake for a wide number of reasons (Driving, pregnant, training, looking to loose weight, sick of feeling groggy the next day.. the list goes on and on...) While alcohol free beer has been around for a long time up until now the choice for non alcohol drinkers has been pretty lousy particularily if out socialising (Mineral water, sugary soft drinks, tea/coffee).. At last count there is about 8 gazillion gins out there so if alcohol is your thing then cool.. this is just a fresh alternative for people who are not consuming alcohol but are still looking for something interesting to drink..
  • Where is Noki & Co. Available
    Noki & Co. is currently available in a growing number of pubs, off licences and restaurants in Ireland - if you would like to see Noki & Co. stocked in your local bar, off license, restaurant please ask them to contact us on In Ireland we are available in most O'Briens Wine stores, Molloys Liquor Stores, selected SuperValu stores and a wide range of independent outlets.. You can order online via our store and we will be available via Amazon soon.. We are in talks with several export markets.. interested in selling Noki & Co. in your country? get in touch and let's discuss! -
  • How many calories per bottle?
    Noki & Co. contains only 60 calories per bottle and 4.9g of sugar (Sucrose) per 100ml.. we only use natural ingredients and strived to keep the sugar as low as possible while still delivering an authentic G&T flavour.
  • Where is Noki & Co. made?
    Noki & Co. is made in beautiful Co. Tipperary in Ireland.. we produce in small batches as we are still a small company so thank you for supporting us :)
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Award-winning botanical spirits

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