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The World's first Alcohol Free Pink Gin & Tonic flavoured drink. Available Now!


Shipping is €5 for up to 12 bottles as this is the max we can safely ship in one box..if you order more than 12 extra shipping is charged at €5.00 - (so if you order 24 bottles shipping will be €10 as we have to deliver seperately)

Noki & Co. Pink Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drink 0% ABV 12 x 275ml

SKU: Noki Pink Sgl
  • The world's first Alcohol Free Pink Gin & Tonic flavoured drink. Noki & Co. is made using natural botanical flavours including juniper (The main flavour in Gin) and other carefully chosen natural botanicals to give you an authentic Gin & Tonic flavour expericene without the side effects of alcohol! #NokiLife

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